Making the difference
through people

What clients have said about MDMD

  • Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International

    “Michèle listened well to the needs and context of the organisation and demonstrated good understanding of the views of many stakeholders in producing effective change proposals. Delivering insightful work of the highest quality, she was flexible in her approach and responsive to deadlines. I am thankful for her professionalism and momentum is certainly now with us off the back of her work.”

  • Carole Noble, previously Head of HR at MAG

    “During the course of the MAG job evaluation and salaries project, MDMD brought a fresh perspective, enabling swift and impartial diagnosis of faults in the system, as well as expert knowledge in very complex salary and benefits benchmarking. Their input and assistance enabled a system to be designed and developed with support and buy-in from all areas of the organisation at every phase, and ensured that the finished product met the project objectives. We were extremely grateful for their knowledge, objectivity, facilitation skills and patience with us throughout this key project.”

  • The Headmaster, Don Head School

    “The school consulted with Michele on reconfiguring the Performance Management process for teaching staff. Michele met and worked with the Senior Leadership Team and helped us develop a much more meaningful performance review for the teachers. We found Michele to be outstanding in her knowledge and experience of performance reviews and she was an integral part of the now successful Performance Management process at the school. Michele was lovely to work with and was unwavering in her interest and determination to help us get things right!”

  • Saleh Saeed, previously CEO, Islamic Relief

    “Thank you for your balanced guidance and support .... life would have been much more complex without it!”

  • Frances Richardson, Head of Reward, Oxfam GB

    “Michèle brought great leadership and facilitation skills to the Oxfam International reward harmonization project. Creating a consensus way forward and shared ownership for a new grading structure across 14 diverse organizations called not only for strong technical reward skills, but also patience, an ability to overcome obstacles and achieve results. Michèle got the OI reward project off to an excellent start, for which the Oxfam HR team won plaudits across Oxfam International.”

  • Patrick Taylor, Director, Oxfordshire Mind

    “Our Charity was working in a complex and changing climate. Losing old grants but gaining new contracts to do different work meant that we needed to rethink our staff structure. This was a complicated process and Michèle's input was really helpful. Michèle helped by carrying out a pay survey, identifying possible options, providing information on TUPE, and working with our senior management team to provide advice and support. It all meant we were much better prepared!”

  • Michelle Blackburn, Lecturer in HRM & Organisational Behaviour, Leeds Metropolitan University

    “Whilst at Chiumento I really valued Michèle's methods, which were to exceed project requirements while at the same time developing internal talent that was able to take the lead next time around. Her approach to coaching and nurturing the talent within our team was second to none. She inspired, challenged, motivated and equipped us with a new set of competencies that proved to be of immense benefit to the organisation moving forward.

    “More recently, in my role as a Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University I recommended Michèle to some colleagues who were writing a book for the CIPD on learning, as her practice is faultless and her ability to deliver something different without question. I was confident in my recommendation but even more delighted when my colleagues (both PHD's) were profoundly impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and ability to deliver 'first take'.”

  • Bryony Glenn, previously HR Director, Merlin

    “MDMD were able to help us to clearly identify the impacts that a successful leadership development programme could have on the leadership effectiveness of our managers in a variety of contexts, and to develop a flexible approach and delivery methodology which could be tailored to meet the particular development needs of each manager.”